Establishment of the company in Ukraine (on the example of LLC).

If the foreign company wants to do business in Ukraine, it can be done by establishment of a company in Ukraine in form of LLC as most popular form of activity.

Step 1

Preparation of constituent documents (Charter and Minutes of the General Meeting of Founders / Decision of the Sole Founder), other documents and information that necessary for state registration of the company.


— 1 —Identification of key questions related to the company's activities:● list of founders (individuals and/or legal entities);● banks in which will be opened accounts of the company;● person who will be the director of the company (citizen of Ukraine or foreigner);● types of economic activity that will correspond to the scope of the company;● location (legal address) of the company;● amount of authorized capital (there are no requirements to its amount).
— 2 —Preparation of the Charter.Key provisions of the Charter that shall be defined:A. determination of powers for the Director;B. determination of restrictions for transactions that the director may independently conclude;C. determination of the order of decision-making by the General Shareholder Meeting.
— 3 —If the founders of the company are individuals, it is also necessary to obtain individual tax number.
For this you need to file to the Regional department of State Tax Service the following documents:● notarized copy of passport with translation● applicationPower of Attorney, copy of passport and copy of individual tax number of authorized person (if the documents are submitted by representative on the basis of Power of Attorney).State Tax Service will issue individual tax number in 5 business day after receiving of documents.


Step 2

State registration of the company.

Submission of documents to the state registrar can be done through the Center for Providing of Administrative Services or to the notary public (documents can be submitted by the founders or by authorized persons on the basis of Power of Attorney).

List of documents to be submitted:
● Charter;● Minutes of the General Meeting of Founders / Decision of the Sole Founder;● notarized copy / copies of the founder/founder's passports with translation (individuals founder or beneficiary);● extract from the court / trade register, another document that confirm the registration of the company in the country of its location with a translation (if the founder of the Ukrainian company is a foreign company);● Power of Attorney (if documents are submitted by the authorized persons).
For confirm of the state registration of the company state registrar issues an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Private Entrepreneurs and Public Formations, in which you can find main information about company.


Step 3

Opening a bank account and authorization of the company's director.

— 1 —Submission of documents for opening of the bank account for the company (the list of documents may differ in each bank, usually questionnaire and copies of constituent documents, as well as documents that confirm the person of the director).
— 2 —Authorization of the director at bank and registration of the electronic key for Internet banking.Tax reports can be submitted both in paper or electronic form (most of companies submit report in electronic form).For submitting of tax reports in electronic form it is necessary to purchase the "M.E.Doc" program for electronic tax reporting. For this you need to submit documents about company and director to authorized provider and to make a qualified electronic signature for the director.

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